Mount Hayward & Jubilee Pocket Lookouts, Whitsunday Great Walk

Mount Hayward & Jubilee Pocket Lookouts, Whitsunday Great Walk

You don’t have to do all of the Whitsunday Great Walk if you want to see some magnificent lookouts whilst on a good workout circuit. There are some fairly serious hills which makes the final section coming down, with more views, all the more pleasurable.   About 12km each way to Mt Hayward Lookout (allow 3.5 hours each way) or 8.5km each way to Jubilee Pocket Lookout (Bloodwood Camp – allow 3hours each way).  

One of the hardest grades is the first section (and getting to the first section) so if you may like to sort a lift to the start. There is also a classic tough hill coming back.  Scenic views, rainforest with tall trees emerging above the surrounding canopy, creeks, as well as sections of differing plants like the native lemon myrtle with beautifully scented leaves and flowers.    

Please remain on the designated track. Supervise children carefully. There is a branch-off track to Honeyeater Lookout and about 100 metres after this turnoff on the main track is a strangler fig tree  that is as wide as the length of a car and something to see (you’ll even want to climb it).  This sits on the saddle of the hill at the back of Airlie Beach which forms Airlie Creek ultimately running throught the centre of town.  This fig tree that looks like and has roots the size of concrete road culvets are most impressive.  Another fig tree has been bent over (see picture) which is an extroadinary sight along the way.

The views and lookouts over Jubilee Pocket and Shute Harbour with the Whitsunday Islands in the background are most memorable with picnic and camping ground together with water tanks along the way.

Access to the start of this walk via Airlie Main Street, Waterson Way, up Begley Street, Lamond Street and at the top of Kara Crescent – not great parking.  For more information visit :

Airlie Court Holiday Units is a great base to start from if you would like to explore our natural hinterland.



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