The Industry Stikes Back

Posted By: peter on Apr 18, 2017 in Uncategorised

It’s post-Easter 2017 and to say we have had a whirlwind of a few weeks is the biggest understatement we could make.

We have just had our busiest Easter season and we thank so many caring and patient people for their support, their words of encouragement and their graciousness to come to Airlie at a time of uncertainty.    Cyclone Debbie has departed leaving her memories on the landscape around us but as us humans do we get back to life A.D. (after Debbie) and go about the everyday business with a few challenges involved.

Maybe our message should be short and simple, Yes we are open for business, Yes you are welcome and Yes the industry is gathering itself together to move forward as the greatest aquatic playground in Australia – if not the World.

We have the Reef, the Islands and the Rainforest to boast and understandably whilst not immediately at it’s best will be back in time to come.  It is such an interesting time to see the Whitsunday’s right now in its bare form, rare and natural from mother nature’s plan, it’s not the first time since civilisation and won’t be the last that an act of nature like we’ve just experienced has occurred -as locals it really is interesting to see it all now.

We look forward to welcoming you to Airlie Court Holiday Units & KC’s Grill&Bar, make it as soon as you can in 2017!

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